Why Slowing Down is Not an Option

30 May

Forget Fast Food, Speed Dating, Speed Dialing, Power Walking, Express Lanes, Express Checkout, Same-Day Service, Priority Overnight & Next-Day Air… Whew!

Thought the world had sped up enough already? Add Rapid Mode Texting in place of Instant Messaging or IM (now considered old school), along with Tweeting and Insta-gramming on the Internet, and Yikes! There is no doubt we are living in an increasingly rapid-paced society where most everyone’s in a mad rush to communicate with other people or dashing off to get somewhere really fast. Just watch New York City cabbies in action and bicyclists, and even skateboarders zooming past narrowly avoiding traffic near-misses as harried pedestrians in haste try to quickly beat the light and cross the street!

There are no shortages of deadlines to meet or appointments to keep. And we want it done right away, on time, ASAP! Yes, as in needed it yesterday. There’s an established level of immediacy that we all must adhere to sooner than later. We each have to master the accruements of time management in order to become proficient multi-taskers in our lives (professional and personal), or we risk condemning ourselves to habitual tardiness. Think about it, it’s a never-ending process: expedite, prioritize, digitize, capsulize, over-ride…etc., etc., the list goes on…

The goal of it is meant to make us more expedient, and thus more efficient—in the timeliest manner possible, right? That’s the goal, anyway. So, everybody brace yourselves to be continually inundated, over-scheduled, over-worked, over-taxed, over-stressed, over-pressured, over-booked, over-wrought and over-tired, and any others I’ve left out, because the obvious result is: There’s only 24 hours in a day! You can’t possibly get everything done and get enough sleep, too.

All this in order to get wherever you need to be, whatever it is you need done? And oh yeah, can you step on it, please!

Well, don’t forget, there’s always the Power Nap!


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