Quality of Life

19 Oct

*Note:  As you read on you’ll see that due to a recent incident, I’ve added an addendum since composing this post.

My last post (Oct. 14) got me to thinking: What do we want in our 40s and 50s?

We’ve gone through the rites of passage of youth and reached a certain age. Everyone gets to this point sooner or later, when they start to think about their quality of life. The term casts a very wide net, I know. But I mean life beyond the basic necessities of food and shelter. I’m talking about life’s creature comforts, those little incidentals, which we most take for granted. That’s the quality I’m speaking of.


Do we take time to fully de-stress and enjoy the small things that bring us joy. Do we indulge our passions? This includes our hobbies, extracurricular activities, our interests (outside of work), our families, time with friends, associates, neighbors, co-workers, etc. or our solitude (when we’re at one with the world around us). Are we taking time to take all that in?

We each have our own barometer with which to measure [quality], whether we’re surviving or thriving. In the meantime we have to live everyday, and at the same time look forward to tomorrow. A cliche, but true, nonetheless.

What determines your quality of life?

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, the old saying goes, and can be changed in a moment without a moment’s notice. The pitfalls we encounter in life–the optimum word being fall–can blindside those plans at anytime when you least expect it. Literally, you can be up one day, take a fall and find yourself crutched up and hopping around for ‘a coupla weeks’ the next.

That’s where I stand now or actually bend and manuever around holding my fractured ankle up to support my 120 lb. frame on what Godfather of Soul James Brown would proclaim, ‘the good foot.’ Quite a workout too, I must say. A simple slip ‘n’ fall is not so simple afterall.

Kind of semi-athletic could sorta describe me. I’m probably a little more active than the average American according to the national stats; as I run several times a week outdoors with the Back on My Feet group and/or indoors on the treadmill, walk most places around New York City, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator at least once daily (8 flights) three-four times a week-before the fracture, write everyday, play Scrabble or paddle ball (ping pong in the summer) when I can fit in it in my day and weather and mood permit, and solve the occasional crossword puzzle to keep my brain active, too.


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