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Acknowledgement is Encouragement

6 Mar

I recently had sort of an impromptu power meeting on a weekday morning — kind of a meeting of the minds you could say, between myself, a fellow running team mate, who I’d just finished a run with and a neighbor doing her wash. It evolved in response to a simple inquiry about the running program we’re in over tea and coffee, as well as a moist almond-clustered, date breakfast pastry supplied by my health-conscious friend and team member, and my half eaten donut. Well, it was leftover from a much earlier—5:30 am start—monthly group meeting.

This post-gathering, as it were, convened outside the laundry room on the mezzanine level of our building and couldn’t have gone better if we had planned it! The three of us all having exhibited artwork in in-house art shows, had a rousing exchange of insightful suggestions, which in itself is a great source of inspiration among women, especially. The sheer act of sharing and utilizing our energy collectively to offer information to one another also made for productive use of our social connection and time there. So, armed with food for thought (literally), we left with a few avenues to follow-up.

Many times, un-planned situations can allow for interesting input, when there’s no pre-set agenda other than simply picking each other’s brains so to speak and spurring creative engagement. Opening this door on the spot doesn’t necessarily prompt exploration into similar areas of one another’s potential aspirations, which under usual circumstances might never be touched on. But it may in these situations.

However, in the course of our lengthy conversation, we did find some correlations and clarified other things we expounded upon. Acknowledging someone else’s individual strengths does strengthen your own resolve.

Respect and mutual admiration is particularly affirming when expressed in personal constructive, purposeful ways and encourages us to see in ourselves, the positive traits and inherent talent the conveyor sees in us.


Unusual November Observances

28 Nov

Occasions to Eat, Drink & All the Rest

If you thought November was only about Thanksgiving, think again. Aviation History Month—a good time to rent or pay-to-view the film Red Tails that George Lucas fought so hard to get made and put into theaters (using his own money)— is also in Nov. And what are the other observances? Read on…

They include: National Adoption Awareness Month, as well as Child Safety Protection Month, both very important for children around the globe.  On the lighter side, there’s National Model Railroad Month. Guess, that’s so model train buffs can get an early start on readying their rails to go ‘round the Christmas tree come next month. Toot! Toot!

Then there’s International Drum Month. Can’t have a band or a parade without ‘em. The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had a lot more than ‘12 drummers drumming’ down Fifth Avenue in New York City. To all you struggling writers out there, get those manuscripts finished! It’s National Novel Writing Month, too. So, put pen to paper or your fingers on the keypad.

And if you’re having problems sleeping comfortably lately like me, due to my ankle injury (see Quality of Life post), you might find this one particularly pertinent: Yes, Nov. is National Sleep Comfort Month. Sleep well everyone .

Some other weekly observances:

  •  Week 3     Game & Puzzle Week (Get out the Scrabble or Monopoly board and have some fun!)
  •  (11/13)      Sadie Hawkins Day (which no one really celebrates anymore)
  •  (11/13)      World Kindness Day (which we should always observe)
  •  (11/15)      Clean Your Refrigerator Day (Hope you all got to it before the holidays to make room for all the leftovers!
  •  (11/19)      Have a Bad Day Day – Meaning if you were going to have one that was the day to have it
  •  (11/20)     Beautiful Day – You’d have to have had a pretty quick recovery after just having had a bad day!
  •  (11/22)     Go For a Ride Day – Taking a ride is relaxing, but a walk after a Thanksgiving meal may be a better idea to walk off the extra trimmings
    and pie, don’t you think?
  •  (11/23)     Eat a Cranberry Day – I know you’re thinking after all that cranberry sauce? But fresh cranberries are much better compared to the jellied variety you ate the day before
  •  (11/23)     Black Friday – Would you believe it’s also Buy Nothing Day? LOL.
  •  (11/26)     Cyber Monday &  Shopping Reminder Day – This was the biggest on-line shopping day to-date! Those who didn’t shop Friday must have made up for it on Monday. And there’s less than a month left to go!
  •  (11/29)     Square Dance Day – Anyone up for some line dancing?
  •  (11/30)     Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day – These are referred to as mental health days. But considering all the paid holidays you just had –and will have off,  you might want to skip this one.

*Check back for December observances…

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