Lies Your Father Taught You

30 Jan

 Yes, your father lied to you.

As the first man you ever loved, each time he held you and told you that you were perfect he was guilty of lying: a crime that most fathers unwittingly commit.

Whenever a father tells his little girl that he loves her and that she’s perfect just the way she is, he’s teaching her the biggest lie.

You’re taught unconditional love by your father. He loves you as you are from the moment you are born.

Then we grow up to believe that the man of our dreams will love us the same way our fathers did — unconditionally.

Yet another lie learned, because as adults we know that love is conditional.

Our fathers taught us we were special: that we deserve to be treated special and that we’ll always be special in their eyes.

Not necessarily in the eyes of the men in our lives, however, as our “specialness” may wan over time if we don’t continue to live up to those conditions.

A father always puts your happiness and wellbeing above his own. So, we believe our mates will do the same.

They don’t always.

Your father’s love lasts a lifetime. U. S. divorce rates show that a husband’s may not.

Fathers praise their female offspring’s accomplishments.

If a spouse or significant other harbors insecurities, they may not.

Fathers will oftentimes put their girls on pedestals, regardless of their flaws.

Yet, the men in your life could find your flaws difficult to overlook.

Your father will tell you that you’re beautiful.

A perpetual lie that’s often told to adolescent girls in the tween stages.

We all have long since learned the truth that stares back at us in (full-length) mirrors.

Nevertheless, these are some of the lies taught to daughters by their fathers.

We were taught these lies unknowingly. Our fathers never meant to teach them to us.

Yet, we learned them anyway.


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