Giving Thanks

14 Nov

*Note: This post was originally posted on Nov. 5th.

As with many of us, November gets me to thinking of Thanksgiving and what it should mean: thanks for giving.

It may be the thought that counts, but it’s in the form of the action it takes that really matters. For that, we give thanks.

So, have you made a difference to someone lately?

Oftentimes, even the most minor gesture of goodwill can make the biggest difference to someone if it is sincere?

Have you lent a sympathetic ear…given some friendly, non-judgmental sage advice…that perhaps helped diffuse a sensitive situation and thus prevented it from escalating to a point of causing possible harm to another? Have you looked in on or shared a meal with an ailing or elderly neighbor? Or have you offered to assist somebody with a task at which you’re more adept?

Making a difference simply means providing a selfless act (whether large or small) for the benefit of others. Everyday random acts of kindness are the most common ways people give back to each other. Like personal and professional courtesies, usually cost you nothing, yet may make another person’s day.

Embodying ‘an attitude of gratitude,’ is a generous state of being everyone potentially has within them. Genuine generosity comes not from your wallet or purse, but freely—from your heart and spirit –with no strings or ulterior motives attached.

Giving of yourself and your time always makes a difference, especially to the giver or volunteer, because you choose to do it without monetary reward or often any public recognition.


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